A few days ago, my second toe from the big toe became swollen for some unknown reason. I don't remember hitting it on the bed post or anything.

It's been swollen for the last 3 days and now the front part of the sole of my foot is a little swollen too which makes me walk with a limp. I tried soaking my foot in warm water, but that didn't seem to help.

Also, I have a very bad case of toenail fungus. I've heard that oral Lamisil works, but it's so expensive and I don't have insurance right now. Can anyone give me any advice on what I should do to relieve this problem?



Our gel filled toe brace might just be perfect for your condition. It is designed for hammertoes and misaligned toes, but also adds comfort to the bottom of your toes.

Since the loop is designed to fit over your second toe, and the pad goes underneath the rest of your toes, I think it will add comfort for you and help you heal much faster. Available on our featured products page for only $12.95.

As for your toenail fungus, I highly recommend the zinc and tea tree lotion in on our featured products page. It is anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, and anti-bacterial. Not to mention very reasonably priced.

I use it on my toenails. At one time I had discoloration on my nails, which is the first sign of fungus. It worked the lotion all around my nails and cuticle area.

In just a day or so my nails were clear and bright like I hadn't seen them in years.

Thanks for your question.
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Toe nail fungus
by: Zac


Along with zinc pyrithione, peppermint oil, and aloe, our lotion also is formulated with tea tree oil.

Tea tree has punitive penetrating properties along with being anti-fungal among it's other properties which enhance the effectiveness of the above mentioned active ingredients.

Your fungus grows from the surrounding areas of your toenail, so application on and around the nail will provide significant results.

I would apply twice daily all around the nail, on top of it, and particularly at the end of your nail.

My wife had noticed my discolored toenails, and one day she asked, "how did you get your nails so clear and bright all of a sudden?"

I told her I used flakefree lotion, she said, I might have known. (I use flakefree for my dermatitis, and cuts or scrapes, and nearly any other skin condition you can think of.)

As for your concern of investment, our lotion comes with a full money back guarantee, so not to worry.

Best wishes,

by: Anonymous

Hey Zac, it's John. Will this lotion penetrate to the bed of the toenails? I've had this toenail fungus for quite a few years and I don't want to waste my money on a topical lotion that won't penetrate to the root cause of the problem.


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