Salon quality fragrance free hair products?

Can you recommend a salon quality, fragrance free hair care line? I have fine, thin hair, and I cannot use shampoo that contains perfume of any kind. Most fragrance free shampoos I've tried leave my hair dull, flat and limp.

Natural essential oils are OK for me in some products if the scent is not too overpowering. The best ones I've found all changed their forumalas. Years ago Melaleuca made a nice tea tree oil Natural shampoo that worked great, until they added perfume! I appreciate any suggestions you may have!

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Organic Argan Oil of Nuka Beauty
by: helen

I used Organic Argan Oil of Nuka Beauty, It is gentle enough to use on all skin types
Help with skin conditions including acne and diminishes wrinkles.
Easily absorbs into hair to give shine and reduces drying time.

hair gel
by: Mary Lu

Sally's has a hypo-allergenic fragrance free, alcohol free styling gel by Naturelle. It is dermatologist tested.

fragrance free
by: Anonymous

I don't think all of the Aveda products are free of synthetic fragrance. I am chemically sensitive and can use some of the products and not others. Their styling products and hair sprays all seem to have "fragrance (parfum)" as a listed ingredient. I just had to return the products due to shortness of breath caused by the added fragrance. I called customer service and the clerk said it isn't synthetic fragrance and the "fragrance (parfum)" means secret essential oil blend. Lol.

Paula's Choice
by: Anonymous

I've been using Paula's Choice shampoo, conditioner and all of her face product lines. Superb! No reactions, great products, great customer service. Free and Clear hair spray/gel - which is ok. Now just trying to find good straightening creams. Next up to try is the nonscents line.

Fragrance Free Hair Products
by: Anonymous

I too am alergic to anything touching my skin that has fragrance in it. Hair products I use Free and Clear by PHARMACEUTICAL sPECIALITIES, iNC. Phone 800-325-8232. I use their Free & Clear shampoo, conditioner, styling gel and Hair Spray. All are formulated without dyes, lanolin, fragrance, masking fragrance, protein, parabens, formaldehyde. Get the order numbers from them, call and order from CVS, Pharmacutical Dept. It's as simple as that.

Face products, use Clinique - body lotion, Aveeno. I order my bar soap from Dakota in Wildrose, ND. 701-539-2256.

Hope this has been helpful to atleast one person.

Philip B/John Masters "Bare"
by: Kelly

Philip B African Shea butter shampoo seems to be working for me. There are botanicals, but they don't seem to be there for scent purposes. Alas, it is absurdly expensive.

The John Masters "Bare" line isn't bad, either, and they have conditioner and styling products. The salt spray is heavily scented of lavender, but it says that on the label.

Curly hair products
by: Anonymous

Help! I am allergic to scents, all of them. I can't wear perfume, most deodorants, lotions, most make up, or even have air freshener used in the house. I get migraines being around people who wear perfume too, it's horrible. I need help finding a styling line for curly hair. Every time I find one in a couple of days I get a migraine. I was using Christophe which was great but CVS doesn't carry it anymore and I can't find it anywhere. Amy help would be appreciated!

Can't have fragrance free with peppermint and tea tree
by: Anonymous

Hey Zac:

A fragrance is something you put into a product that gives it a distinctive odor. If you distill the smell of cooking bacon into a shampoo, that is a fragrance. It isn't perfume, but it does smell. Tea Tree Oil is one of the strongest fragrances you can use. It's like Vick's VapoRub, which no one would call a perfume, but it sure has a fragrance. Peppermint is extremely aromatic...aroma is another word for fragrance. Aromatherapy means fragrance therapy...I think you can see where I'm going with this.

If you are going to be giving advice and soliciting affiliations from people looking for fragrance free products, I recommend that you educate yourself on fragrances first. This would prevent you from unwittingly offering erroneous information.

fragrance free mousse
by: Anonymous

Salon Grafix makes a fragrance free mousse. I also have to watch for any of the Benzo's in products. This mousse is the only one I have found.

deep treatment conditioner?
by: Anonymous

I have been using the Naturelle shampoo and conditioner which provides light conditioning for my fine hair. Any suggestions for a fragrance free more intensive conditioner to use weekly?

Try Earth Science
by: Anonymous

I'm allergic to all fragrances, and found Earth Science shampoo at Whole Foods. Have been using it for 3+ years and really like it. Itchy scalp disappeared immediately and never returned. My local grocery store, Hannaford's, now carries it and a whole lot of other fragrance-free products. I'm now looking for a fragrance-free volumizing hair mousse for blow-drying my hair. Any suggestions?

Shampoo, conditioner and mousse found
by: Kelly

Try The Particular Man ( They have everything listed in the title of this post, not too too expensive, and perfectly fine for men or women.

Earth Science
by: Anonymous

Fragrance free shampoo and conditioner made by Earth Science, sold in most Whole Foods stores... Best I've come across ever. I can't use fragrance in ANYTHING, so I've tried a ton of shampoos and conditioners over the years. Whole Foods' generic brand (365) also makes fragrance free shampoo and conditioner for about half the price of the Earth Science brand, but Earth Science is better.

by: Anonymous

Had tried Magic Botanicals and thought that the shampoo really stripped the natural oils from my hair, but the "hair spray" really turned out to be much more of a problem, creating hives for me, especially if there was any overspray that got on my skin. The products did seem to have an underlying scent.

Stopped in to Sally's Beauty Supply, and found this great product, Naturelle Hype-Allergenic Fragrance Free Shampoo and Conditioner. For all of us that have sensitivities, we have our own special triggers that are sometimes even an ingredient, not necessarily a manufactured or "natural" scent. AND, they carry a gel. And the price is right!!!

I had found SUNCOAT hairspray, a sugar-based product that is absolutely the best I have ever tried. But, the last two batches I have ordered from two different distributors has been skunky. My guess is that the batch from the manufacturer has been bad, or had a short shelf life. Will keep you posted about that, because it is the "ultimate" natural product.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Fragrance Free Products
by: Anonymous

John Masters Organics makes a fragrance free shampoo & conditioner called Bare.. Styling products?? Good luck! Everyone adds fragrance it seems like:(

by: Anonymous

I found the "Jason" FF hair products to cleanse and condition better than any other health store products.

looking for an unscented Serum too!!!
by: Amelia

A few months ago I actually found an UNSCENTED hair serum at my local Shoppers Drug Mart. The brand; Orgnx. I REALLY liked it, but guess what, they discontinued it. Hello???! What is wrong with companies??? You'd think with more and more people becoming sensitive to scents, "fragrance free" would become MORE popular. grr. Thanks to the person who suggested the NonScents brand. I think I'll try their de-frizz cream.

Unscented frizz serum? + 3 unscented shampoos
by: Anonymous

Dermatologist Hair & Scalp formula was originally recommended to me by my dermatologist since it doesn't have fragrances or the nasty soap agents that are responsible for a lot of break outs. In the early days I had to special order it from the drugstore. EVERY time, even after I told them exactly what to look for on their list, they first ordered DHS Shampoo, which is scented. 3 items urther down their list the correct one is labeled DHS Shampoo FF or DHS Shampoo Un (Fragrance-Free, Unscented, duh). It's thick and a bottle lasts a long time.

Reading cosmetic health hazards later, I found that Free & Clear brand shampoo supposedly has slightly safer ingredients. They also have a conditioner and a hair gel. It's a thinner consistency than the DHS clear, now I go with whichever is cheaper.

My husband uses DermaZinc brand dandruff shampoo, which is also unscented.

Clinique hair spray is the only unscented one I have found.

We'll have to disagree if natural & unnatural fragrance allergies are the same, either way, we all have disabling allergies. My revelation was that I am allergic to imadolized and all the other -zed forms of urea, which are in every moisturizer known to woman. I'm NOT allergic to urea, which is what it's called if it's taken out of an animal's urine (instead of the others made in test tubes). We're all different and our allergies all make life difficult.

I am having an AWFUL time finding a frizz serum for my hair now that evil, stinky Garnier bought bought Hask. Any suggestions?

No no no!
by: Anonymous

I used Avedas personal blends for years and i´m now im out of the products and finding out that it´s discontinued?!

This is so bad ! This was the ONLY shampoo without any fragrance that made my hair shiny and manageable.

Bring it back Aveda !

Have been reading all of the "shampoo-without-fragrance-surgestions" and tried some of them, but non of them is as good as Aveda´s :(

Cristophe Pure and Natural
by: Anonymous

I was using Cristophe Pure and Natural Shampoos and Conditioner for a few years. It is totally fragrance free and it came in daily and conditioning formulas. My hair felt so good after I used it that my stylist fell in love with it. It was easy to get... at CVS until about a year ago. CVS no longer carries the Pure and Natural line but does continue to carry Cristophe. I wrote to the company to find out if I could order it ANYWHERE and received no response.

If anyone knows where I can buy it, I'd truly appreciate it... and I recommend it highly... if you can find it.

fragrance free hair products
by: Anonymous

DHS shampoo and Kiehls styling gel are absolutley fragnrance free. I am looking for a thinning hair product that is fragrance free.

Fragrance free shampoo
by: Anonymous

I have searched long and hard for a really fragrance-free shampoo, and finally found Earth Science brand, available on Amazon, and some Health food stores. I have been extremely pleased, and there is NO scent whatsoever. Next, a search for hair gel. I have tried Magic Botanicals, and felt that there, in fact, was a lingering fragrance. Today, by accident, when at Sally's for something else, I found Naturelle fragrance free hair gel...once again, NO scent. I haven't tried it yet, but when I do, I will report back.

Tate's Miracle Shampoo
by: Carol

This is a wonderful product! It gently cleans my scalp, and leaves my hair soft and full, with very little hair loss. I found it in a local nutrition store, when I moved to a new town. It's sold online, too, at Nutrition Geeks, the least expensive, as well as Amazon, and a couple of other sites. It's expensive, but a little goes a long way. It's my replacement for the discontinued original California Baby sensitive shampoo. It comes in a light natural almond scent, and unscented. I can actually use the scented, without any reactions. I hope they continue manufacturing it, as it's the only one I can use, presently.

Wheat in Aveda Products
by: Debbie

I experienced 2 major eczema breakouts all over my body. I was put on steroids the first time and it completely cleared up. I saw an immunologist/allergist the second time and he gave me steroids and ordered many blood tests. The tests revealed I am mainly allergic to wheat, cats, mites, and peanuts.

To make a long story short, Aveda Be Curly's main ingredient is wheat protein.

allegeric to natural fragrances also
by: Anonymous

A product is not fragrance free for me if it has peppermint oil or tea tree. Some of the natural fragrances are even worst. Fragrance free means no scent. I don't understand why every thing has to have scent in it. It is so hard to find good salon quality products with no scent. I found a shampoo from Australia that I can use. But I cant find a nice light weight gel or product that will give my hair body and shine.

Fragrance Mix Allergy
by: ASheree


I recently found out I have an allergy to fragrance mix. I received of list of things that would irritate my son. In addition, I am allergic to grass, weeds, & trees. My hands break out from peeling an orange. So, I have thick course hair and I have tried the free and clear shampoo, but it tends to dry my hair out. Is there a shampoo and conditioner that will clean my hair and moisturize without the fragrance, dyes, etc.?

yellow hair
by: Anonymous

I need a shampoo for grey hair fragte free to get the yellow out of my hair

Fragrance free
by: Anonymous

I'd like to clarify that a perfume allergy includes ALL perfume - both synthetic AND natural. Technically, essential oils (ie. tea tree oil, mint oil) ARE still perfumes and this tends to be the problem trying to find 'fragrance or perfume free" products. Manufacturers appear to be unaware of this and term their products 'fragrance free or perfume free" when in fact they mean they are using only natural or plant based fragrance, which IS STILL FRAGRANCE!
This makes it really tricky for those of us looking for fragrance free products - education is the best way to make sure you're not buying something that is simply naturally fragranced instead of synthetically fragranced. If you are allergic to fragrance, it matters not a dot the source of the fragrance, the reaction will be the same (in some cases natural fragrance actually causes us most harm!!).
Best to always read carefully and educate yourself regarding the many ingredients not clearly identified as fragrance, like limonele for example.

fragrance free
by: Sydney

Various products: Paul Brown Diamond Heads Ultra Shine Serum Schwarkopf have just come out with a fragrance free range - many styling products called Schwarkopf Essensity. Google it from te Us as I am in Australia. you can order it easily on-line. Also PPS salon brand shampoo for sensitive hair and conditioner. Also their hair wax is virtually unscented. De Lorenzo make a salon quality sensitive shampoo and conditioner that is totally fragrance free. Dermalogica Shine Therapy Shampoo is also fragrance free. On line in Australia we actually have a lot of natural products that are very good. We have another one that is called Natures Instinct and you can order it on-line.

by: Tosha

Zac, How can I get in contact with you? I have chemical sensitivity and there are no Aveda Salons around me. I need fragrance free hair products and I am having difficulty finding it. I have bought in bulk in the past and I am almost out of my previous product. Please help.
Thank you

fragrance free hair products
by: Merry

The hair balm made by a French company, Phyto, does not have any added "perfume." In fact, has mostly natural ingredients. You can smear it on your hair after washing, and works sort of like a conditioner, relaxer, and smoother. I saw the ingredients for WEN "Fig" cleansing conditioner. No "fragrance" added, but the other WEN products have fragrance added. Decent prices for both on Amazon without postage or sales tax.

Truly Fragrance Free Shampoo
by: Kathy

Does anyone know of a shampoo that is truly fragrance free? I have tried those at health food stores but they have something else in them that I am allergic to. I have multiple chemical allergies and cannot take any hint of fragrance. I was using Aveda's pure shampoo base with no added frangrances for years and they stopped making it recently. HELP!!!

Kiehl's one last holdout
by: Kelly

Kiehl's used to make several excellent fragrance-free products that just weren't billed as such. Their Klaus Heidegger Every Day All Sport Shampoo is still fragrance-free.
I wrote to the company many times when they reformulated everything to include fragrance. They were kind enough to reply, but only told me most people prefer perfumed products. Why can't some company besides Aveda. (who used many botanicals that cause me the same allergic reaction as fragrance) get smart enough to make a line that could at least be ordered without the fragrance?

KMS Puritives and DHS Clear
by: KC

I too am allergic to any scented products that touch the body. Years ago I found KMS Puritives. Then I discovered DHS Clear shampoo and conditioner. I have used these ever since. Just found some of the KMS under my sink and started to use it again as the other dried my hair over time. It's back to baby soft (very fine, straight, uncolored) but now the KMS product is no longer available! They also had a hair gel which I still have. I order the DHS directly from the CA manufacturer by the case. There is absolutely no scent what-so-ever, unlike many "unscented" products. Hope this helps!

Check out
by: Anonymous

These products are salon quality. And there are styling products too. I have scent sensitivities and these products have worked for me. They are truly fragrance-free. I really like the conditioner and texture cream as I have long curly hair. Good luck.

Louise Galvin Mother to Be
by: Emma

Hi all,

Having searched for ages (I have very sensitive skin on my face and scalp), I find that Louise Galvin Mother to Be, which contains no fragrance, is really good. It is the only fragrance free hair product I can find that actually make my hair look nice and not frizzy.

I've just got to find a hair serum now!

Scent Free Straightening Lotion
by: Jodi

Can anyone tell me what kind if there is a Scent Free Straitening lotion to use before using a Straightening Iron on my hair.

St. John's, NL Canada

Sally Beauty Supply
by: Anonymous

Sally Beauty Supply carries a limited number of fragrance free hair products. The brand name is "Naturelle". I also have fine, thin hair. I use the shampoo, conditioner and styling gel. I am completely satisfied with the results.

Salon In A Bag
by: Anonymous

I would suggest may be able to help. They have a new natural and organic hair care line with no artificial fragrances called Salon In A Bag.

Purenity Shampoo and Conditioner
by: Anonymous

I was also looking for fragrance-free hair products and got the tip from this site about Purenity shampoo. I ordered the shampoo and conditioner from the Cleure website. I used both products and loved them, but they do have fragrance. I don't know how Purenity can get away with not listing fragrance on their ingredients.

I have both skin and headache reactions to fragrance, and believe me, I did not want to have any reaction as like others here, I've been looking for fragrance-free products that leave my hair looking and feeling good. But I found that although my reaction wasn't extreme, it was still enough that I can't use the products.

"fragrance-free" pepperment oil?
by: Anonymous

I grow peppermint. It doesn't have a mild scent, let alone no scent. I wouldn't be surprised if removing the scent also removes the effectiveness, as removing the scent of garlic does, since garlic's active ingredient is _in_ the scent.

California Baby shampoo formula change
by: Carol

In the last few years (2006 or so) California Baby Company has completely changed the formula of its Super Sensitive shampoo. As I have multiple allergies, it was the only one that I could use, and had done so for a long time. The new formula causes itching, and really excessive hair fallout. I wrote to the company three times, and never received an answer. There are probably thousands of us who now have got to find a replacement shampoo, which won't be easy. But it seems that their profit margin is more important than their (once) loyal customers. Sad!

Fragrance free products
by: Anonymous

Yes, I've had a lot of trouble finding fragrance free hair products. There are brands from the health food store like Magick Botanicals and Earth Science which are fragrance free but my hair looks terrible when I use them, with no shine or body. Most of the salon quality brands that I used have been discontinued like KMS which worked well. There was one called NoScents that was better than the others but it had some ingredients I prefer not to use like SLS, and it has also been discontinued.

The one I am using now is the Purenity shampoo which has no added fragrance, but the ingredients do have a mild scent. It is not perfumed so I got used to it and I don't notice it anymore. It does not make me sick like perfumed shampoos. Although I prefer a completely fragrance free shampoo I have stuck with this one because it is a volumizing shampoo and it does make my hair shine and have some body
The company is US based but ships worldwide. There is also a company I like called California Baby and I use their sunscreen. I've never tried their shampoo but it is gentle and I although I couldn't find the ingredients listed, they say they don't use SLS or other irritants.

Aveda discontinued
by: Anonymous

I have the same problems and have been using Aveda Personal Blends as an option which has worked wonderfully. Unfortunately, they have now discontinued the Personal Blends shampoo and conditioners. I did not receive a response to my emails to Aveda. I have not been able to find a replacement. Any suggestions?

Thans for the tip
by: Mashubi

Thank you Laurie for letting me know Aveda can custom blend a fragrance free product. We do have a few Aveda salons in town and no one ever mentioned this option to me. Most of their products have a lot of essential oils which are too much fragrance for me, but it's great to know they can make one specially!

Aveda Product Information
by: Zac


Thank you for your comment and suggestion.
We are very familiar with Aveda and believe they would be beneficial to our visitors interested in numerous fragrance free hair products.

I will be contacting your website with an inquiry for possible affilliation links on our site, and possible link exchanges.

I don't normally allow promotional links in comments as I never know who will post them, and what value they will add for our readers.

However, I believe your line of products do. So, I have left it on the comment you made, and will be contacting you to discuss this further.

You can comment directly here if you like. (I can edit or delete any correspondence we have here as needed)

We have thousands of monthly visitors here that may benefit from an affiliation to Aveda. If you are not in upper level management with Aveda, you could contact them to give them a heads up with a possible affiliation with our site.

Since we focus on a very specialized area of skin and hair care I think we would be a perfect match for affiliation.

Best wishes,

Aveda Personal Blends
by: Laurie

I have the same problem so I use Aveda's Personal Blends line. They're completely plant-derived, no petro-chemicals or anything unhealthy. A scent is optional, though there are tons to choose from! Also, you can add a little bit of a color to it to brighten you hair. The people at any Aveda salon will help you decide which kind is best for you... even if it's just the plain shampoo and conditioner with no scent and no color.

Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you Zac! I've e-mailed you some questions, I'm glad your products might be able to help.

Yes, FlakeFree Fragrance Free Hair Products!
by: Zac

Thank you for your question.

Our shampoo is fragrance free, and has tea tree oil, with peppermint oil.

It also is specifically formulated to restore proper PH levels to your hair. Which sounds perfect for you. It will not leave your hair dull, flat or limp, but will in fact restore you hair's natural beauty.

Give it a try, it's on our featured products page.

Best wishes,
P.S. Be sure to come back and let us know how you like it, will you?

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