Red mole picture and questions

Red Moles

Red Moles


These three raised marks have been there for a few months and they do not go away, except for the smaller one which appeared recently. Its located at the back of the leg where it joins my backside. Im 25yrs old and female.
Please diagnose and tell me how to remove it (i do not have access to a doctor at the moment.)



Thank you for sending pictures, this makes it much easier to answer your question.

What you have are not red moles at all, but rather superficial blood lesions called angiomas.
These are quite normal and generally pose no risk.

You should keep an eye on them however in the event they do enlarge abnormally, or become discolored.

The cause of what most people call red moles is genetic. Although most people do have them, just some are more prone to having more.

What I would suggest to reduce the size of these angiomas is to use a natural anti-inflammatory.
Fortunately we have a great lotion here that does just that.

The other bonus is it is antiseptic, antibacterial, and antifungal.

Give it a try, and please come back and comment to your post here to let us know how you are doing.

Best wishes,
Site Administrator
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P.S. Also a premium liquid vitamin is also recommended for over all health which will help prevent more red moles.

Comments for Red mole picture and questions

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Bleeding mole on the chest
by: Susan San Antonio

To whom ever posted about about the mole turning dark and bleeding, I implore you to get it checked by a dermatologist. I had a small mole on my upper arm that was there for years. At the end of last summer it started bothering me. I had it removed March 28. It came back malignant melanoma. It was approx. 1/8 inch round. I have a four inch incision on my arm now and two inch under my arm for lymph node removal. Because yours is bleeding get to the doctor now!!!! When melanoma invades the lymph nodes it can be life threatening

what do you recommend for angioma???
by: Strella

My daughter is 5 yrs old.and she has an angioma in her eyelid . That beggins like a red little mosquito bite. But growns and the dr told. Me was a pipmple. After 2 weeks I returned to the dr and she saild it was a stocked eyelash.and when I went to the dermatology he said can be removed only with cirugy and no medicine for that . I just I would like to know another opinion.

by: Anonymous


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PLEASE see a doctor!!
by: heatherain

I have been reading some of your posts and I just wanted to tell you that if your mole is oddly shaped, bigger than a pencil eraser, or has blackish tints, PLEASE see a doctor. It may be nothing, but it is better to go and it be nothing than to not go and it be cancer. I was diagnosed with mailignant melanoma when I was only 23 years old!!! It was found because there was an oddly shaped dark mole on my back. They removed it and the cancer was gone....until this last summer (2011), it had spread to my lymph nodes in my right armpit. I have been through so much to get the cancer out of my body just from one simple mole.
I really hope you all take great care of yourselves!!

blood mole
by: Anonymous

i have a red/black bump on my chest if i do anything to it, it bleeds.

by: Anonymous

If it is a cherry angioma and you want to remove it yourself, try a wart remover with Dimethyl ether and propane or DMEP.

Cherry Angioma
by: Anonymous

If it is a raised bump that's full of blood, it is probably a cherry angioma (or hemangioma), also called "Campbell de Morgan spots". I have one on my right shoulder. If I nick it, it bleeds for a really long time, and if I push down on one side it turns back to my skin color (probably cuts off the blood flow). It's basically a bump full of blood. My doctor told me not to worry about it since it doesn't really bother me. I have read that "they are harmless, except in very rare cases that involve a sudden appearance of many angiomas, which can be a sign of a developing internal malignancy." So, if you suddenly get a bunch of these, you may want to see a doctor.

If your mole is not a raised bump that looks like it's full of blood but instead looks like an actual mole that is red in color or if it is more than one color, has an irregular shape, hurts, or is larger than the eraser end of a pencil, you probably want to get it checked by a doctor to make sure it's not cancerous.

Brown to red
by: Anonymous

Im 16 and ive always had 2 brown moles on the back of my neck, when i looked at them the other day i noticed the smallest mole had turned red and it hurts a little but only if i press down on it, just want to know if i should be worried or not?

a mole
by: Anonymous

i just went to my family doctor today. and they want to remove this. it is a red little bump that is where my butt stops. it is not sore or does'nt hurt it's just there. was whating to know if i should get a second opinion first. was told that i could use honey on this. what do you think this could be?

red moles
by: Anonymous

i have red moles that are around my upper chest and one on my stomache...they have grown quick but they're not too big...i notice little one's popping up... i also want to mention that i am mixxed also...shhould i worrie?

Red moles
by: Annonymous

I have a red mole on my cheek and I noticed it about 15 years now. Nevertheless, It grew a little bigger over the course of the years and now it bothers me because it is becoming black on the top of it and just a few days ago it started to get to form a tiny crust. Must I be alarmed?

I have too
by: loreann

I have always had moles on my body growing up.My problem is that i have noticed more moles appearing and I find it very scary.A few ar red and the others black, there is also a mole on my face wity beard protruding. How can I know if they are dangerous to me?

red mole
by: Anonymous

The only way to get rid of these is to go to a doctor and they use something to burn them off.I have a friend and she recently went to a place that gets rid of veins and does other skin treatments and they lasered it off...but it is expensive!!

Transformation of red mole
by: Anonymous

Hey i had a dark mole on my neck and when i picked at it it began to bleed the blood kind of made a scab and when the scab peeled off my mole came with it but then when i took a pic of it later it was a red mole...someone please is this normal???

This is really weird!!!
by: Anonymous

I had a "red mole" like that on my right thigh, and always wondered what it was, as it never went away but it was not painful and didn't change at all so I didn't worry about it. But when I was shaving my legs a few weeks ago, I nicked it and it started bleeding like crazy...and it wouldn't stop bleeding for a bit. Eventually it did, but then it started to enlarge and now it's huge...probably almost the size of a dime. It's really strange looking, it almost looks like a big blister or wart, and it's red, it looks like it's full of blood. In fact, it is full of blood, because I'll admit, I have picked at it more than once, and when I do it bleeds like crazy again, and eventually stops when I put something on it. Now the skin around it is reddened and irritated, and I worry it might be infected. I was covering it with Tegaderm but now it keeps peeling off because the bump is big and bothersome. Now I'm leaving it uncovered and it's drying up a bit but I always worry it's going to start bleeding profusely under my clothes! I'd like to know how to get rid of it, has anyone else experienced this?

red mole removal home remedies
by: Anonymous

Hi, I suppose that you could laugh on me because I am the serial who ask for this but is it possible to remove a mole using home remedies. I'm not asking only you but the Moles Removal Organization at their website but I still do not have any answer from them since yesterday.

Do i have a red mole?
by: Unsure

What exactly is a red mole? How come there's this red dot on my face for years? My mother says its a red mole. But i dont think so. Its not a pimple or anything. It looks like my face has a drop of blood there. And i once tried to squeeze out the blood. There's alot of blood. But the red dot grew bigger when it recovered. HELPPP! Is there any way to remove it?


Use our anti-inflammatory anti-septic Zinc and Tea Tree Lotion. It will clear it up for you.

Best wishes,
Site Admin.

Red lesions
by: Rosaline

I have been getting these red mole like lesions for almost 25 years,on both my arms one each and on the abdomen. They dont trouble me but look awkward. I dont know if they are caused because of any deficiency and also whether the deficiency can be rectified. Anyone knowing can give details please.

brown mole
by: Anonymous

I have several red moles and one of them just have turn brown should I be concered.

My red moles
by: Anonymous

I have an overwhelming number of red moles on my body and a few have recently started to grow. I was told they were caused by the damage I have done to my liver.I wanst concerned until today when I noticed one has grown.If you have an answer for me as to why the moles would start to grow after 15 years, I would appriciate it.


They can grow from inflammation due to superficial blood leassions.

Try our anti-inflammatory lotion to reduce inflammation.

Click here to go to therapeutic lotion

Best wishes,

my red mole
by: Anonymous

hi..i hav a red mole n it does not go away! 15 yrs old n ima scared cause i dont know if its cancer or hasnt gotten bigger or looks like its vains dat hav pooped wif blood inside??

Here is a link to the anti-inflammatory lotion
by: Zac

Here is the link to the lotion.
It is on the featured products page, but this will make it easier for you to find.

Click here to go to therapeutic lotion

Best wishes,

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