Over Bleached Hair Remedy

by Kathy

Beautiful Bleached Hair

Beautiful Bleached Hair

Over bleached hair is a problem because when you try to apply a color to it, it will not stay in because the color has nothing to grab on to.

The hair shaft has basically been blown apart. So what you have to do is artificially fill that hair. The best way to do that is to
number one, decide what level you would like your hair to be . 11 being the lightest level you can be, which is not recommeded because you are trying to put color back into it, so I think I would maybe go to a level 8 or 9 which is a light blonde, but you need to fill that hair first.

So what I would do is slightly dampen the hair, apply level 10 and 9 mix equally with a 10 volume developer for ten minutes then I would apply a level 8 with 20 volume developer leave on for 30 minutes then you should a beautiful level 8 color, but you need to mantain this by using proffesional hair care shampoo to keep the hair shaft down and tight so the color does not come back out, this is essential.

If you would like to go to a level 5 then I would fill the hair with a level 7 with damp hair for 10 minutes with 10 volume developer then apply level 5 and 20 volume for 30 minutes. Level 5 is equivelent to a light brown.

The lower the level the darker the hair is. So if I wanted a level 1 it would be black if I wanted a level 11 it would be almost a see through blonde.

One quick note I would never ever use a ash color on bleached hair because more than likely it would come out to be a green color and would be very hard to remove. Some of your ash tones have a blue tone to them but it would still not be a good thing at all.

Always use professional hair products on your hair, it's better to use hair products that have a guarantee on how they help your hair, and how well they work.

Restore Your Over Bleached Hair

In order to restore your over bleached hair to enable correct the damage done, we recommend using panthenol hair thickener and conditioner.

It will help restore your hair shaft and your hair will have more body, feel stronger, and look healthier.

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Comments for Over Bleached Hair Remedy

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Advice please I'm freaking out
by: Jasmine

I bleached my hair once and the next day I did it again to get the color I got now I didn't know that you were suppose to do that but know I'm freaking out my bleached part isn't falling out or anything but I'm just freaking like what if something is gonna happen to it. I also wanna dye it back to my original color cause this new job I'm gonna get in a month so like how long should I wait to dye my hair and what products should I use cause my hair is still soft and not brittle or anything just like I said I freaking out! Just need advice

hair nightmare
by: Anonymous

I feel all of you ladies, I have always had naturally lighter blonde hair until my early 20s it started to darken. So loving the blonde hair I once had I would get it bleached every 4 or 5 mnths. The girl i usually went to was having a baby so I went to the mall thinking Regis salon they must be great and looked very professional, was I ever wrong the lady must have put a 40 volume bleach in my hair and then processed it under the dryer for 20 to 30 min. I told the woman my scalp was on fire and burning, she told me that was normal with bleach. Well the same day my hair was falling so baaaaad and felt so thin, a couple days later the pain n burning in my scalp continued to worsen.I went to the dermetologist and was prescribed ointments for my scalp, a couple weeks went by and things were getting worse I couldnt even sleep at night my scalp was soooo irritated and sore so I went back to the dr. they tried meds for a fungal infection due to my symptoms, I was on the meds for 2 mnths and NO CHANGE so I went back and they said if it was a fungal infection it would have been cured so finally they said maybe its nerve damage due to the bleach so I was put on a nerve blocker 3 times a day. Sure enough 2 weeks later I was 80% better and could sleep at night again and was not going insane. To this day I take the nerve blocker 3 times a day and if I dont I have the same problems. So I am now going through a lawsuit with the salon, this has been the worst nightmare any woman could endure my hair is still thin and will NEVER be the same and this christmas has been a year and a month dont ever trust anyone with bleach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by: Jessiej

After a hair bleaching fiasco, my hair was DRY, DRY,DRY. It felt like a brillo pad. My sister-in-law told I would need some intensive hair conditioning to get it back near normal.I had wanted to use the Hydrate Conditioner from Shielo Hair before I destroyed my hair. SO i decided to buy the Shielo Hydrate Conditioner and give it a try. After ONE application my dry, brillo bleached hair, it was shiny, soft and smelled great. My hair looked better than it did ever before. I do this once a week and my hair looks great, the color has been preserved, and I am never trying anything else. Ever.

Help for broken damaged hair :)
by: Anonymous

Use a protien treatment!! It stops the breakage!! I use Aphogee 2 step protien treatment, make sure you follow the directions carefully and this stuff will fix your hair!! You can buy it at sallys. It's super cheap I buy the 1 time use package and it only cost a few dollar! Make sure you deep condition afterward because it fills ur breKage in with protien and makes your hair strong but not soft!

by: Iona

I have naturally dark brown hair and have always yearned to go blonde. This year i finally decided to do it. I put a very thin layer of bleach on my hair and then used SUNIN whilst in spain this summer to lighten it further. Needless to say, it went bright ginger, although it still felt strong. when I got home, it had finally gone pale blonde, but the condition was starting to deteriorate, so my mum thought it would be a good plan to put some ammonia-free blonde dye over the top. BAD IDEA - STRAIGHT back to ginger. So the next day (yesterday) I went out and got a light blonde dye (containing ammonia) to use. the top of my head is now platinum blonde and the rest (about 3 inches below my shoulders) is a mix of blonde, ginger and brown, depending on the light. It looks RIDICULOUS and feels a lot less healthy. I'm really worried it's going to start falling out and I'm going to be left bald - what do I do to stop that happening?

short hair
by: char

i have really short hair like emma watson 2011 when she cut it , i bleached it blonde and i have 2 bald patches , dark ginger on top , and its chemically burnt to my scalp on the side :S i cant cut it any shorter without literally shaving it all off and going skinhead , is there any other options? can you even dye over hair is this bad condition ?

by: Anonymous

Bleached hair looks awful, so everyone should just stick to darker natural shades, no one hair hair that light (extreeeemly rare) or are a child. trying to look like barbie will only make you look like barbie...cheap and fake, if you want that look go for it, but bleach causes severe damage and thinning of the hair, opt for a more natural blonde shade, and if your hair is dark, face the fact that blonde hair would most likley look awful on you and not match your skin tone/eyebrows and all the rest of it, just like antural blondes look silly with black hair-
natural beauty is more atractive than anything

hey guys
by: Anonymous

I'm naturally a dark brunette, i decided one day i wanted to go blonde so i bleached it about six times, put lightners in, and dyed it using blonde hair colours, well it turned out good, but thrn i got sick of it and dyed it brown again. After a while i decided i really wanted my blonde hair back, so i went through the same process. Only i bleached it three times in one week, i bleached it one too many times. I went to wash it out and it all came apart in my hands, i used to have long hair down to my waist, now its barely at my shoulders. It felt lke muck, it had the consitency of spiderwebb and everytime i ran my hands through it more and more came off. So i cut it most of it off, left it the gross yellow colour it was for about a month, treating it with olive oil, leaving in conditioner, and 3 minute miracle treatments. I dyed it back to brown thinking it was healthy enough, but now it's even worse, even more snaps off every day and just falls out when i run my hands through my hair, i'm so scared of losing the rest of it.. i regret so much doing what i did to my hair. So far the thing that's worked best is the olive oil, i soaked it through my hair, wrapped cling wrap around it and left it in for four or five hours then washed it out. It makes it so much stronger. Just remember, dying it dark isnt any healthier, you cant fix chemicals with chemicals.

Over bleached hair remedy
by: Anonymous

Hi this really works. Try egg yoke mixed with a good quality olive oil. I use 5 egg yokes to 1 dessert spoon of olive oil mix well and cover all my hair expecially the ends. Stops breakage straight away.

sun in
by: Anonymous

i used 'sun in' spray to keep the roots at bay when i was on holiday.BAD IDEA my lovely salon bleached long hair is falling out and breaking off,I look like Rod Stuart on a very bad day. HELP PLEASE SUGGEST ANY IDEAS OR PRODUCTS.

Don't Dye Your Hair Yourself at Home
by: Anonymous

My hair is dark blonde. I wanted to go lighter so I chose L'Oreal Natural Lightest Blonde. My hair came out orange. My skin tone does not go well with an orange tone hair color.

I was told to use a "blue" haircolor to fix it, like Born Blonde Ultra Blue. I still wanted a light blonde hair color, but not the fake bleached blonde overprocessed look.

I used the Nice 'N Easy Born Blonde Ultra Blue and now I have pale bleached overprocessed looking hair with the orange tint still in it from the first hair color.

This has turned into a disaster. I don't have the money to spend on a hair colorist to correct this. I feel like I can't go out in public, my hair looks like an orange tone Barbie doll hair, very plastic looking. I called the company and they told me to dye it reddish brown to color the orange. I asked if I could dye it back to a dark blonde and they said no, it was reddish brown to color the orange or go to a colorist.

What a nightmare !! Don't dye your hair!!! If you want to dye it, go to a colorist who has a great reputation for doing the job right. I am screwed, and I have a job interview tomorrow!! I also belong to a study group of upper class middle age women who are going to look at me like I am some bleach blonde bimbo. Don't dye your hair !

dont bleach ur hair youself
by: Anonymous

my advise never bleach your hair get a proffecional to do your hair and u should always have good results

dont bleach ur hair youself
by: Anonymous

my advise never bleach your hair get a proffecional to do your hair and u should always have good results

by: Anonymous


by: Anonymous

right well for the last year my hairs been red and then brown then back to red so ive been bleaching it alot, but it seemed to be fine and wasnt falling out. then recently i decided that i wanted to go blonde so i used a pre lightner and it went orange. the next day i had bleach put on it and my hair was falling out in clumps, its so dry and ive had 4 inches cut off and its not even helped. my hair is bright yellow/orange and white at the roots, how can i tone it down and make it a nicer blonde without ruining it even more!

Salon disaster.
by: Chloe

I have naturally dark brown caucasian hair with a light olive complexion. I was so desperate to go blonde, I had always had highlights but a year ago dyed my hair completely dark as it started to look dull with the amount of heat I use on my hair, so I dyed it dark to make it look healthy and gave it a rest to grow, I loved the cool bitter chocolate colour I dyed it but I had always wanted to go the whole hog and go blonde. I done what was meant to be the correct thing and went to a recommended salon. Unknown to me a student colorist was let to run riot on my hair which I had been growing for a whole year for the perfect length which was about 4 inches past my shoulders. After 4 hours in the salon I went home disapointed with my new "blonde" colour it was patchy, almost white in some areas and bright ginger in others, it felt rough, like straw and the texture was like Katie Waissels out of the x factor. At first I thought it was the shock of having a drastic colour and I was seeing something that werent there but my boyfriend gave me his honest verdict and complained to the salon for me as my hair was all over my pillow, the next day I dyed my hair back to brown, it looked 10000 times more healthier though I was losing hair by the hundreds, within 3-4 days my hair had lost approx 5 inches of breakage and was different lengths everywhere, I went into several salons whom many advised to cut my hair very short, I tried a black hair salon even though I am white and they had alot of time for me saying I should not cut off my lovely hair! They sold me Redken protien treatmentments and recommended me a black hair product called AtOne with nature which works a dream and has drastically improved my hair. It is important to use a moisterising product such as AtOne if you're using a protien treatment as they can make the hair quite hard. 2 months down the line I now have silky dark shoulder length hair with thanks to using the products plus a conditioner called Clynol repair recovery conditioner after a usual shampoo. DO NOT CUT ALL YOUR HAIR OFF WITHOUT TRYING THE ABOVE. Do not be afraid to use black hair products if you are white, if you have severely damaged, brittle hair the benefits of them are amazing.

coconut oil,it penetrates hair shaft! try it!
by: Anonymous

I am so sad to here about everyones hair troubles.About 9 months ago my hair was bleached the dyed then bleached,dyed,ect.It ended up being in the worst condition it had ever been in,it is so devestating! I got on the net to see if i could find anything to help my hair and i came across coconut oil,LOOK IT UP.It penetrates the hair shaft,its not expensive and honostly it really does help improve the condition of hair.Get the organic extra virgin coconut oil.I glob it all over my hair and sleep in it,next morning wash hair very well,it will allready be stronger.PLEASE get on the net and look up coconut oil for hair,its Great!

Afro white hair?
by: Anonymous

Im a black person with afro hair who wants white hair... And i want to bleach my hair with 40 volume manic panic bleach? And i wanted to leave the bleach on for 2 hours? Then put the manic panic snow toner in mixe in with a lttle bit of 20 volume bleach and then leave that in my hair for an hour. Is this alright? Would it damaged my relaxed afro hair when i'd wanna make it white after 2 weeks of havin relaxed hair?

bleaching hair
by: Anonymous

i had black hair and wanted it blonde so i bleached after my hair went like an elastic band and was ginger after a few days i bleached it again and now it is falling out and lots of my hair has gone really short at the top and it did not go any lghter what shall i do? please help.

Overbleached Hair
by: Anonymous

Hello Ladies, let me just say I am surprised that no one has mentioned using Redkin CAT, which is a protien. You spray it on, leave for 5 minutes and rinse. It helps make severly damaged hair stronger, stops breakage. But be careful, don't overuse as overuse will CAUSE breakage. Also get a good leave in conditioner. In fact I will straight up suggest Joico products as their KPac line has protien in it(in just the right doses) Also,try not to blow dry on HIGH heat. I think it is important to buy salon products (no I am not a beautician) as they are definitly more gentle than cheap drug store and grocery store shampoos. Will make a huge difference. I highly recomment using the straight protien (Redkin CAT) immediately after any hair fiasco, then using the Joico KPac line for daily maintenance. You will be able to save what ever hair you have left. Oh, also they make a color rinse that you can put on your overbleached hair. It is applied after every wash, so it is not perminant but will immedietly fix a bad bleaching job. Ask about it at your closest beauty supply shop (not drugstore). All this info comes from 30 years of hits and misses with my hair color. Good luck and thank you for all of your advice.

My fried, damaged , overbleached hair was saved by Amonia Free Hair Color!
by: Anonymous

Growing up I was a natural golden blonde. Something possessed me to bleach my hair white. So I did it myself over virgin hair with 40 volume peroxide and bleach. My hair was FRIED and FALLING OUT! It also looked like a translucent grayish white color. I was so devastated, I thought it looked silly, so I colored it medium brown with a permanent hair color. The white hair was so over dried that it would only half absorb the brown so the color looked awful and dull. So I used Amonia-Free hair color by Garnier. I picked "Soft Black"....the last shade I ever thought I would pick but my only option to cover the dullness.....and I was AMAZED by the beauty of this color. I felt like Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction lol. The color was shiny and even. Although I did find a nice color save.. nothing could ever change or repair the fried texture and the dryness of my over processed hair. I have shoulder length hair that I get cut every month now to help it grow faster. I also take Hair Nourish Vitamins from GNC. These months have been dark and sad. My hair continues to fall out. I have been using Garnier products and have been seeing a difference. If for some reason you ever find yourself with over bleached and damaged hair use a Chemical/Amonia-Free, or Herbal Hair color over top...it works wonders with the color, and as for me....I AM NEVER BLEACHING MY HAIR AGAIN!

im back
by: Anonymous

please read this if ur panicking! i posted two comments about 4 months ago, one titled ''worst time of my life'' and the other ''it works'' i just wanted to let you no there is light at the end of the tunnel i had to have my shoulder length hair cut into a very short bob, and dyed back to brown, in the 4 months since my hair is 2inches past my jaw and the healthiest it has ever been, (and my hair is so fragile naturally,) and its all thanks to aussie 3 minute repair, my mum bought it for me just to try and its all i use, its fantastic, please do not panic my lovlies. xxx

help please
by: sue

hi im so glad ive come across this site ...im not alone ! my story is ive been dyeing my dark brown hair blonde at home for years not with bleach but extra lighting blondes and all was fine , only it started to look dull after time so i got a pre ligtner and put in and that was fine only a little orange , so i put my normal hair dye on top and it was ok but a little uneven . so, i went to the hairdresser and asked if she could even it out. massive mistake she put bleach on my hair and left it in for two and half hours under heat for about 40mins as well. my hair is totally ruined and im devastated. took me years to grow was way past shoulders. she gave me my money back but no compensation . my hair holds water and is all strecthy and breaking off and ive got 2 inches of dark brown root . ive got a reconstrutor and products for conditioning but i have no idea what to do with my roots , any ideas please it looks awful, thanks

please help...
by: Anonymous

I bleached my daughters hair and it fell out. She has a bald spot and a lot of thinning at the roots. Will her hair grow back?? i think it chemically burned her hair right off. I just want to make sure it will grow back.

it works
by: Anonymous

hi i posted a cmnt titled worst time of my life about 5 days ago, and its almost 100%improved, DO NOT think thats washing and conditioning your hair every day will help, wash it every other day or even every two days if u can stand it, the more you wash your hair u are stripping your hair of its natural oils, which u need to nourish your hair, not washing it helps guys, i promise, hope this helps my worried dears. xxx

what went wrong
by: cindy


worst time of my life
by: Anonymous

i naturally had almost white blonde hair till i ws 11 then i gradually got darker naturally, iv regually dyed my hair for 7 years from blonde to black (red, pink, blue also) 2 weeks ago i decided white would be fun so i have bleached my hair 4 times and highlighted it twice now my hair is like candyfloss i shake my head and hair falls out, my roots are fine its literally the last 2 inch's (my hair is a long bob) so those 2 inch's are important to my hair cut, getting a shorter cut is not something i am even concidering. please help me with any tips, tricks and home remadies, even old wives tales..please please PLEASE. im naturally very self conciouse so i need you kind peoples help. thanks x

over bleached hair
by: Angela

My hair was over bleached, by professionals, for 14 months. Once every month as I never liked the colour it came out. Big mistake. The last time it was done. I just knew my hair could not take any more punishment. Sure enough, it all broke and fell out.

I have spent 7 months and a small fortune on deep conditioners trying to get it to look and feel half normal. Right now, the condition is good but the breakage will take another 6 months to grow out. My roots have had to be left to their own devices - so I am light brown with some grey at the roots and a very pale blonde at the ends. I never would have thought I could stick it out but honestly, there is no other way. The best deep conditioners will only work, sort of, for a day and then you are back to straw!!!

It is tough to do but leaving your hair alone for as long as possible (plus having the damaged ends cut every few weeks) is the only solution. Everything else is pie in the sky. There is no miracle cure for this, just time and patience. Do try to stick it out. I was on the point of buying a wig when suddenly my hair looked and felt soft and silky again.

I will be so very, very careful in future about any colour I put into my hair.

by: Anonymous

I bleached mine from a to 2 to a 10 and I had to cut 9 inches off and its still falling out! very bad idea! NOT worth it!

mest up badly
by: Anonymous

i color my hair black a few mths ago now i dont like it i have bleach it twice an it went orange so i bleach it again an then it went bleach an orange an was falling out now i have put a lite brown on it an its mess up badly so up set its just coming out in my hands i had realy long hair now its shouldre lenth can some one help me save wot i have left

by: Anonymous

i read your artical and i dunno what the numbers stand for!I need help bad my hair is a medium ash blonde naturally i dyed it a light blonde then i decided to put black streeks in it well i got tired of it and tried to bleach it out well my friend told me it was fine to bleach it once a month so i did untill my hair was all bleached out. and now my hair is dry it falls out i still have a full head of hair but well you can tell where its been falling out! i need help ive tried everything ive even use deep conditioning for african americans and it works for maybe a day or so but its so dry and brital what could i do???

i will never bleach my hair again
by: Anonymous

iam so sad the way my hair look right now!a friend of mine who is a professional did my hair i ask her to color my hair i had no ideal she was stripping my hair anyway my hair came out orange all icould say was oh my GOD!!!!!!!!.and knowing her she said it"s pretty, but she said wear it, it look's good but i was so disappointed,iam really hurt over this and might end a friendship, because she told me to cut it off or wear a hat.now my hair is green a dirty looking color.tomrrow i am going to Virgina college for help to see if they can help me get some color back, i pray to god that they can help me,

help me please!!
by: Anonymous

Good day!

About 3 days ago ..I went in to a salon. I wanted my hair done half light brown and half blonde (or similar)

to start off my hair is pretty dark well it had been dyed black before but this was like months ago.

This lady used the brown on half of the top which only my roots turned brown. ugh!

and on the bottom part she was bleaching my hair...she left it on for quite a while and it turned orange (which i would consider normal) due to how it was before...well she decided to wash it and re-do one more time.

Well ..it is dry to much breakage its is ugly and when i brushed it out it was falling out into big chunks...fortunatley this was on the bottom part not top!

My question is what can i do about this what is the best thing to do ..? i do condition my hair and as a matter of fact i use the cholesterol that african americans use on their hair..it works but not on the bottom part! help please!!

should i shave it what should i do??

by: deb

I have colored my hair for years...pretty "normal" I would say...but I am in my 40s now and seem to be having a mid life crisis..when I went to pick out color the other day to color the gray and roots, something posessed me to buy platinum blonde bleaching solution....I LOOK LIKE A FOOL!! How do I fix this???? Money is tight so that is why I have always done it myself....

BTW...I think my natural color used to be dark strawberry blonde....i have been a bottled blond for years...always looked natual until this time....now i look like i should be in a freak show!

by: Anonymous

Hey, I went into a random salon the other day and the women had no clue... She over bleached my hair and it feels like muck and is falling out... What can I do to make it back to a normal texture and stop falling out?

by: Victorie

My hair has been bleached at the scalp and my hair is thinning! i was letting it grow and then i let this lady retouch my hair and she put a 40 peroxide and and it burned off so much of my hair at the scalp. i am so sad when i see my thin hair because my hair isnt normally so thin. I cant even look in the mirror. i had been deep treating it. Should i buy minoxidil 2%? i really need my hair to grow back ;(

Over Bleached Hair
by: Zac


Great advice as always. I'm sure alot of our readers will find this very helpful.

If anyone wants to add to or ask more questions about over bleached hair, feel free to comment to this page.

Best wishes,

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