help for skin disorder called sebaceous hyperplasia

by Pam

I am a 54 year old woman who has been diagnosed with a skin disorder called sebaceous hyperplasia. I have been searching endlessly online for some answers to this skin problem. I have had very clear, nice skin my entire life (no acne, pimples, but my skin has always been oily). I used for most of my adult life a castille soap with olive oil in it up until I was about 44 or 45 years old. My face did start to break out at that time perhaps due to very stressful, tramatic events that took place all within a year for me. So I switched my cleansing routine to Proactiv Solution (ordered for my teenage daughter). It cleared up my face and I never had any burning or drying effects with it. Now I'm concerned -not sure that was a good idea, could using that product for almost 10 years have caused damage to my skin? I also went thru menopause around the age of 50.. Doctors told me this skin disorder happens usually in mid 50 or 60's as you get older, mostly in men but women have it also. No known cause for it. I never heard of it before this diagnosis. say it runs in families also, but no one in my family that I'm aware of had or has this. At first I started out with one, now they are appearing more and more. Can anyone help me with this? besides freezing (which I tried but they always came back).. I am trying to stop using Proactiv and go to a more natural cleansing product- not sure if that will cause more skin problems or not. I really would like to find a safe treatment for this that actually works!

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sebaceous hyperplasic
by: Anonymous

I have had wonderful results using undiluted tea tree oil on the bumps. Started using it 2-3 times a day with a pointed Q-tip and now use a few times a week at night. Bumps have really flattened out.

there is a cause for it
by: SHStinks

I have been doing some research on sebaceous hyperplasia and have read these benign skin lesions are caused by decreasing level of hormones. This is why the typical age for onset is 50's-60's. I am 35, however and have several myself so it is not unusual for younger folks to get SH. Some hypothesize UV light (sunlight) plays a role in their development, as does familial tendency, and decreasing hormone levels. The sebocytes, the oil gland cells that make up the oil gland, are VERY androgen (hormone) sensitive. When our bodies produce lower levels of hormones, for various reasons (older adults, immunosuppressed patients, or in my case post a viral infection which left me sterile and I now no longer produce my own testosterone)the sebocytes slow down and clump together instead of shedding at a normal rate. This is what causes the SH bump. It is not unsual for folks to have oily skin, and some acne as well as SH. Most men and women will have decreasing levels of hormones in their 5th and 6th decades of life.


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