Effective Hammer Toe Relief

Are you suffering from hammer toe syndrome? Let’s discuss exactly what it is, and then what to do about it.

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Generally speaking it occurs in the lesser toes, (usually the second or third ) by the dislocated joint closest to the foot. This causes the toe to rise and press against foot wear becoming irritated, sometimes resulting in corn growth.

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Bunions are also a major contributor which cause the foot to become disfigured. Other common causes are tight shoes, (especially high heels), flat feet, arthritis, and hereditary factors.

The bottom line is it can be very painful and lead to abrasions to the top of the knuckle. When combined with bunions, it may even overlap the big toe causing even more discomfort.

There are several things you can do to treat the condition short of surgery.

Hammer Toe Prevention

  • Wear comfortable low heel shoes.
  • Avoid vinyl shoe material which doesn’t breath, (it may promote toe fungus and bacteria).
  • Eat potassium rich diet to lesson chance of leg and foot cramps.
  • Use anti fungal foot moisturizer
  • Wear high quality gel brace to correct dislocation , reduce abrasion, and relieve pain.

Soothing Foot Lotion

foot lotion

The therapeutic lotion to the right is formulated with zinc and tea tree oil with strong anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti inflammatory qualities as well as being an excellent moisturizer to maintain general foot health.

Softens corns and callouses, relieves pain, and protects from infections and fungus. Can be used for numerous other skin problems as well.

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Corrective Toe Brace

toe brace

I am also very pleased to provide the Comfy Toe Brace directly from our site. It was developed for a ballroom dancer who also suffers from hammer toe, (and she still dances). Made of a space age dry polymer gel makes it far superior to common braces. Not to mention it is nearly invisible when wearing open toe shoes.

Click for toe brace details

Go to foot care page from hammer toe

for more information on general foot care health.

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