Before and After Hammer Toe Picture

hammer toe picture

As we can see in the hammer toe picture the first knuckle on the second toe is disjointed. It is also pressing on top of the greater toe creating pain and discomfort. The friction against foot wear is causing a corn to develop. Without correction, it would most likely continue to become more developed.

hammer toe picture

The example above is now wearing a comfortable and corrective brace to realign the toe. The transparent loop also protects the knuckle from friction reducing any further inflammation. The skin like dry polymer gel beneath the brace adds comfort without being bulky.

hammer toe picture

In the next hammer toe picture we see another patient’s condition has escalated to the point of overlapping the greater toe. Likely the severe bunion has contributed to both of her conditions. Wearing tight fitting shoe and high heels for years took it’s toll on her feet.

hammer toe picture

As we can see she is also wearing the corrective gel brace to realign the toe. We personally know this patient and she has recently told us her condition is much better after continuing to wear the brace for several months. The corn and inflammation are greatly reduced, and her toe is much more aligned and comfortable.

Recommended Treatment

hammer toe brace

The Comfy Toe Brace was developed for a 70 year old ballroom dancer who was dissatisfied with other common braces, and she had tried them all.

It is constructed with a space age dry polymer gel to add comfort and support. Her personal podiatrist was amazed at the results she received after using the new brace, and now recommends it to His patients.

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Foot Lotion

Along with using the toe brace to realign, we also suggest using the lotion to the right to reduce inflammation, fight foot fungus, and provide antibacterial and antiseptic qualities.

FlakeFree therapeutic lotion is formulated with zinc, tea tree, peppermint oil, and aloe for all around general foot care. The FDA approved active ingredients provide strong relief for numerous foot and skin care conditions.

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Tips for daily care:

  • Avoid tight fitting shoes, particularly for long periods.
  • Massage feet with anti-fungal and anti- inflammatory lotion daily.
  • Wear shoes with wide box and ventilate well to reduce fungus.
  • Use the brace even around the house in bare feet when possible.
  • Try to maintain well balance diet to reduce foot and leg cramps.

  • Go from Hammer Toe Picture to Foot Care page for more information on a wide variety of foot care issues.

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