growths that look like warts, or molds

by Kathi Silva
(Arlington, Tx. USA)

For the last 10 years I've been getting little growths on my back , feet, face, legs scalp.Some of them look like a wart or flesh colored mole.

Some of them are brownish like a mole, but all of them are dry and crusty, rough feeling like a wart. Most of them are flesh colored and relatively small.

I'm 56. My mother has them too, but she just started getting them on her legs arms and a few on her face just the last few years. (Her's are bigger then mine.) She had hers removed and checked out for cancer. They were' all benign. She's 85.

I pick mine off or scratch them off. I had a brown one on my face that I had for years and I picked it off. It didn't hurt and it hasn't grown back either. It started out small and then as time went by it spread out more.

It was brown and flat It was on the side of my face and I couldn't see it very well. Everybody else did and told me it looked ugly and I should have it checked out and removed. None of them hurt when I pick them and pull them off. They just bleed.

What could it be? Some of them are flat and some are like a mole. You can't see most of them. They're in places that I can cover up.The little ones on my feet itch sometimes. That's were I have a lot of little pimple size ones.

All of them are flesh colored. I seem to be getting more of them as I get older. I've had about 8 regular moles removed about 30 yrs ago.( I still have a couple of them.) I'm blonde and fair skinned.

They don't really bother me except that they look ugly ( to me) and I just want to know what they are. Any suggestions as to what they are and what is causing them would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.


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Getting rid of those ugly things
by: Meg Colby

I've had these also. I've successfully treated them with Carrot Seed oil. Just get a good grade of carrot seed oil and apply the oil to the brown spots. They'll usually get a little rough around the edges at first and then the roughness will just sort of melt away and the spot will get smaller and eventually disappear. You'll have to do this for a little while - maybe a few weeks or more - depending on how big the spot is and how diligent you are in applying the oil. Be sure you get a really good grade of oil - one that has been declared to be of medicinal or therapeutic grade. If the oil irritates your skin which it might if you have sensitive skin, just cut back for a few days then start up again.

by: Sherrie

Sounds very similar to mine - when they first began to appear I ran to a dermatologist who "laughed" at me because he couldn't see them until I scratched them. I continued to get more and they seemed to spread and a few years later I went to a different dermatologist who told me they were hereditary, espcially to Scottish-Irish, but I'm still not so sure. (I have skin tags too - they are very different.)

Sounds like Skin Tags
by: Zac


What you are describing sounds like skin tags. These are very common growths which occur primarily after middle age.

They usually pose no problems or risks other than being unsightly. I would just be sure to have any checked out that become discolored, larger than normal, or painful.

They can be easily removed by a doctor by freezing and several other methods.

Unfortunately as we grow older we tend to get these unsightly growths. Just be sure to have any unusual ones checked out, OK?

Best wishes,
Site Editor.

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