Dandruff Photo Showing The Root Cause

This dandruff photo shows the root of the problem. Over active oil glands cause the skin cells to flake off at a higher than normal rate.

close up dandruff photo

Naturally occurring fungus of the scalp which feeds on oil gland secretion of the hair follicles increases when oil glands are over active. This increases the rate at which your scalp sheds dead skin cells.

The skin cells are coated with oil which causes clumping and or flaking which make the dead skin cells stick to your hair and clothing.

Solving this problem quickly will involve using natural anti-fungal ingredients which remain in constant contact with your scalp.

Natural Anti-Fungal Dandruff Treatment

tea tree dandruff products

Active ingredients like zinc pyrithione have long been found to be extremely effective to relieve these symptoms. Natural herbal ingredients with strong anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory qualities are also great for fast effective treatment.

The featured products on this site have the best ingredients formulated into styling products which remain in continual contact with your scalp.

This provides far superior results compared to the use of therapeutic shampoos which are only in contact for a few moments and then rinsed off.

Dandruff Treatment Details

Tea Tree and peppermint oils contain natural anti fungal properties which provide fast relief as the fungus caused by overactive oil glands occurs as seen in the example above.

Herbs like horsetail, wild cherry, chamomile and dandelion extract are just a few of the ingredients formulated into the products we recommend. There is simply no other products available which we have found to be as effective.

Many of us struggled for years before using these products. What a relief to finally be able to rid ourselves of this embarrassing problem! Simple apply the tea tree hair gel with zinc after shampooing and work into your scalp with finger tips.

Style as usual, then comb or brush after is sets if you don't want the hold it provides. You will see significant results after just the first day of use. Keep your dandruff under control by using regularly or in mild cases when ever you notice and flaking or itching.

Natural Herbal Ingredients Find out why our products work so well using these ingredients.

Another dandruff photo See the root of the problem with more details.

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