Natural Chemotherapy Side Effects Relief

Unfortunately chemotherapy side effects are very common after receiving treatment. After over 45 years in the hair loss and skin care industry, our parent corporation has seen a steady increase in clients suffering from chemotherapy side effects.

chemotherapy patient

Your health care professional has surely explained the technical reasons, for our purposes here we will focus on helping you find relief. Hair loss, known as alopecia, is one of the most visible problems many patients face.

Because treatment focuses on fast growing cancer cells, other fast growing cells are also effected, such as hair cells.

Common Side Effects

Within a few weeks after beginning treatment hair loss may begin resulting in total hair loss in many cases. It may take from six to twelve months for total regrowth to be achieved.

Wearing a wig during this period is a common option, as well as comfortable hats and turbans. Choosing a wig before hair loss occurs is recommended to match your existing color and style.

Hospitals and clinics have referred literally thousands of patients to our parent corporation’s retail stores for decades because of our expertise in this field.

Along with providing wigs and hairpieces, we are also the manufacture of the worlds only therapeutic wig band designed specifically to secure and make wearing your wig, hat, or turban comfortable during total hair loss without the use of adhesives or tape.

Chemo Relief Products

Comfy Grip Wig Band

The comfy grip therapeutic wig band has helped thousands of patients with chemotherapy side effects find wearing their wig less stressful.

Since our parent corp. is the manufacturer, we are able to offer it here at a special low price to our visitors. Keeps your wig or hat secure and comfortable even on the most sensitive scalp.

Comfy Grip details

zinc lotion

Many doctors and nurses often tell their patients to be sure to ask for our zinc and tea tree oil lotion as well. The scalp can become extremely sensitive during hair loss and during the regrowth period.

Dry patches and irritated skin are common especially on the hands and fingertips. Using our lotion on the scalp and other effected areas provides substantial relief.

Lotion details

chemo relief products

As regrowth begins, hair is usually very light and feathery. Don’t be alarmed, total regrowth is normally achieved by the majority of patients.

During the regrowth period irritated or scaly scalp often occurs. Our therapeutic styling gel and hair spray are formulated with tea tree and peppermint oils as well as numerous natural herbal ingredients to clear scalp and create a healthy environment to enhance the regrowth process.

Tea tree product details

Below you will find our chemo question and answer forum, or you can join our facebook fanpage at the top of this page and ask your questions there. We have been helping patients cope with chemo side effects for decades and look forward to helping you too.

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