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Welcome to our Free Beauty Forums! Read, Post or Comment in any category you like, there is no member login or registration required.

With the numerous forum topics we provide you can join in with your questions or comments on nearly anything related to beauty, skin and hair care. Plus some of our topics are specifically designed for those with common disorders and conditions.

Be sure to check out our beauty forums tea tree products.

1056 Topics 2,161,983 Views

Beauty Forums Categories

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Skin Care Forum

Our skin care forum covers anything relating to skin care. From anti-aging skin care to common dry skin and everything in between. Post your questions or comments, or read what others have shared. One of our most popular beauty forums.

skin care and beauty forums skin care forum

26 Topics 149,854 Views

Hair Care Forum

Ask your questions or make comments on anything related to Hair Care and Beauty. It's quick and easy. Plus our on staff cosmetologist Kathy with over 20 years experience answers many of the specific hair styling and beauty questions like choosing the right hair style for your face shape, to hair breakage problems and everything in between.

hair care and beauty forum hair care forum

27 Topics 134,273 Views

Long Hair Care Forum

Welcome to our long hair care forum! You can ask questions, or comment on nearly anything related to long hair care. This is a great place to find others who have experienced the same problems you have, or share your tips to help others grow beautiful long hair!

long hair care forum long hair care forums

14 Topics 86,198 Views

Hair Highlight Tips

Hair Highlights have become so popular lately we have started this beauty forum specifically for them. Ask a question, comment, or share you latest and greatest hair highlight with us. Kathy also answers many questions here too.

hair hightlight hair and beauty highlights forum

10 Topics 26,733 Views

The Barber Shop

You can find all your men's hair care answers here and so much more. Numerous men's skin and hair care articles plus a special forum men can ask questions and share tips and comment on nearly anything related to skin and hair care. Hey, Floyd or Barney might just show up too!

barber shop forums barber shop

21 Topics 119,275 Views

Foot Care Forum

Our Foot Care page discusses numerous conditions and issues to help you keep your feet in tip top condition. Any question related to your feet you would like answers to can be found here.

personal foot care personal foot care

33 Topics 127,341 Views

Scalp Treatment

We focus on scalp treatment for a wide variety of disorders and conditions. The beauty is whether you are experiencing itching, flakes, bumps or even sores on your scalp you will find the answer to your problem here.

scalp treatment scalp treatment forums

14 Topics 74,821 Views

Acne Treatment Forum

Effective acne treatment is a concern to nearly everyone at some point in our lives. Whether you are experiencing moderate or severe symptoms, we all could do without acne, right? Let's talk about it here.

acne forum acne treatment forums

9 Topics 23,659 Views

Stretch Mark Treatment Forum

There are several things you need to understand before attempting to get rid of stretch marks. First we will discuss what exactly causes them. How to get rid of them, and then how to prevent from getting them in the future.

stretch marks treatment stretch marks treatment

11 Topics 38,412 Views

Dermatitis Treatment Forum

Not only do we have numerous pictures you can compare to your symptoms, but you can ask those who also suffer from dermatitis how we control it.

dermatitis treatment dermatitis treatment

11 Topics 56,024 Views

Eczema Treatment Forum

We get questions all the time from those who either have a child with eczema, or want help relieving their own. Find the answers to your questions here as well.

eczema treatment eczema treatment

12 Topics 43,872 Views

Psoriasis Treatment Forum

Find out all you want to know about psoriasis here. Let's work together to alleviate the symptoms and help others find relief.

psoriasis treatment psoriasis treatment

29 Topics 189,513 Views

Hammer Toe Treatment Forum

Millions of people suffer from hammer toes. Many don't even know what the problem is until it gets severe enough to seek medical attention. Learn how to correct hammer toes, find a comfortable toe brace to reduce friction and correct alignment, and get your general questions answered here.

hammer toe treatment hammer toe treatment

8 Topics 21,756 Views

Chemotherapy Side Effects Forum

This is the place to discuss anything related to Chemotherapy Side Effects. Whether you have a question, or would like to just share your personal experiences, please feel welcome to join in.

chemotherapy side effects chemotherapy side effects

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